Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Control Brisbane

Same Day Pest Controller Available.

Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Control Brisbane – Panther Pest Control provides eco-friendly safe and professional pest control services in Brisbane. Same Day Pest Controller Available.

Living a peaceful, pest-free life in Brisbane is no more impossible. With reliable pest control services from Panther Pest Control Brisbane, everyone in Brisbane can dream of living without pests. Pests are a nuisance to human life but you simply can’t ignore their existence. We have just the right solutions to keep your residences and offices safe from all types of domestic and commercial pests. Ranging from Indian meal moth, house fly, rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas, flies, spiders, wasps, blowflies, dust mites, bird mites, mosquitoes, rice weevil, fermentation flu, biscuit beetle, grain beetle, rodents, bed bugs, to ants – our professionals can do away with all these pests.

Panther Pest Control is the name you can trust when there is a pest in sight. We take up every job seriously – no matter how big or small. We believe in leaving positive impressions on our clients. Read our testimonials to know about some of our previous work before you make your decision.

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    About Panther Pest Control Brisbane

    Panther Pest Control is a local company running its pest control services all across Brisbane for the last two decades. We are loved not for what we do but for how we do it. We are remembered for not just our unbeatable prices but outstanding results too. When we give you assurance of a result, we ensure you get the same result. Ours is a licensed and certified company delivering reliable pest control services at the lowest prices in Brisbane.

    Our experienced professionals are equipped with the latest pest control equipment and use eco-friendly solutions to kill pests. We also provide precautionary pest control solutions to ensure pests do not bother you in the future as well. We adhere to the strictest health guidelines.

    Explore all about us and our pest control solutions through our website. Call for a free onsite assessment or a free quote for any of our pest control services!

    Our Pest Control Services

    Panther Pest Control deals in both domestic as well as commercial pest control services. We completely remove the pests from your property. For homes, we are confident that pests can be removed in one treatment only but for commercial properties, it usually takes more than on service. Certain buildings have the problem of recurring pest infestation and for such cases, we have annual programs at a reasonable price. We are aware of the fact that no two pests can be treated with the same treatment, so we first assess the kind of pests in the area and then work accordingly. We provide all kinds of pest control services such as Pest Treatment, Pre-purchase Pest Inspection, Pest Spray, Post Pest Inspection, Pest Fumigation, Pest Heat Treatment, Pest Prevention, Pest Removal, Pest Sanitization, Pest Disinfection, and Pest Extermination.

    Do check out our same-day and emergency Pest Control Services extended for all areas of Brisbane!

    Rat and Mice Pest Control

    Rats and mice are among the top destructive species, they usually feed on food items and can destroy crops, clothes, and furniture, etc. Ignoring their presence can create a critical situation in the house. Remove or kill them when you see them for the first time, when they will get in large numbers then only professional pest controllers could be useful. You can try pesticides from the local market but we know that would be only a waste of money and time. You can call a professional from Panther Pest Control in such a critical situation. You can also opt for our rodent control service in Brisbane at affordable prices.

    Invest in Our Commercial Pest Control Services

    Panther Pest Control is a company that besides serving in residential areas provides beneficial and cost-effective pest control services in various commercial areas including Hospitals, supermarkets, factories, restaurants, and other public places too. We know that heavy pest infestation can create so many problems and might harm people’s health and contaminate food too. Thus, we are here to vanish all kinds of pests from commercial areas.

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    Benefits of Pest Control Services

    You simply cannot get rid of any pests from your home/office on your own. Even the sprays available in the market are not efficient enough. And you cannot even ignore the pests because your health, your safety, your reputation, and your business are at stake if it gets attacked by pests.

    Pests Can Lead to Health Issues Like:

    Stomach infection

    Stomach infection







    Apart from that, pests interrupt your working environment as well. Some problems include:

    • Your employees get affected by pests – physically and psychologically.
    • The intervention of health authorities can cause a heavy fine or even closure of a food joint.
    • Pests can cause itches, sores, rashes, and bites.
    • Pests can indirectly lead to dejected customers and loss of business.

    Call Panther Pest Control Brisbane to avoid any of these cases and stay pest-free!

    Expert Pest Control Brisbane

    Help in Making Brisbane Pest Free

    Follow these simple steps to make Brisbane pest-free:

    • Seal holes in cupboards, walls, and tiles.
    • Keep your premises absolutely clean.
    • Use airtight containers for food storage.
    • Keep the dustbins clean and empty them daily.
    • Use fly screens on windows.
    • Don’t provide any accessible food/water.
    • Do not keep dirty dishes in the dishwasher/sink overnight.
    • Use door seals to avoid pests entering.

    Why Panther Pest Control Brisbane?

    Panther Pest Control gives you plenty of reasons to choose us as your true savior from all kinds of pests. Here are some facts that make us different from the other service providers in Brisbane:

    • We are locals.
    • We are certified and licensed.
    • We are experienced.
    • We use bio-friendly pest control methods.
    • We offer guaranteed results.
    • We provide same-day service.
    • We provide emergency pest control service.
    • We are available 24×7.
    • We work on public holidays & weekends too.
    • We offer the lowest prices for pest control services.

    Panther Pest Control offers a complete hassle-free pest control job. We work with the utmost professionalism to keep our customers happy. Call us and experience the difference!

    Office Location in Brisbane

    Location – Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 4000
    Pest Control Brisbane

    Customer’s Reviews

    Helpful and knowlegable

    Panther Pest Control соmеs оut еvеrу mоnth. Whеn wе hаd саrреntеr аnts, thе tесhnісіаns thаt саmе оut wеrе vеrу thоrоugh, hеlрful аnd knоwlеdgеаblе. Іt tооk twо оr thrее busіnеss dауs bеfоrе еvеrуthіng wаs tоtаllу еrаdісаtеd.
    - Clare Bowen

    Pest Control services tips

    I am talking about tips on pest control I think at that time every one going to work and after came back to home in evening that every was tired so some people wanted a pest control in at home in summer I am also using a pest control in at home it is very dangerous for health and it is very difficult because pest control was dangerous for health.
    - Clare Bowen

    Good Bye Pest Problem

    Often the insect bites and their droppings create a serious infection at your home. You may get various health problem due to the same. Clean your home from the mess of pest infestation. Give a safe and pleasant life to your dear ones. Do not attempt to do it if at all you have quite a good knowledge about it. You will get a great relief in no time. Panther Pest Control can remove the pest issue from the root.
    - Lucas

    Pest Control Brisbane
    Panther Pest Control provides eco-friendly safe and professional pest control services in Brisbane.